(Windows) Steam Deck Tools


This project might connect to remote server and share the following information unless it is disabled by creation of the DisableCheckForUpdates.txt in the root folder of the project:

Error Tracking

To aid the application development this project uses Sentry.io to track all exceptions raised by the application. It is essential to identify bugs and fix them with minimal user intervention superseeding the need to user troubleshooting. The Sentry is configured to not track PII.

As part of Sentry error tracking the following information is being sent and is logged including: Windows Version, .NET Framework Version, Exception Stack Trace, Application Version, Type of installation.

You can see exact exceptions being sent in Documents/SteamDeckTools/Logs


Application for auto-update purposes checks for latest release on a start, or every 24 hours. As part of auto-update it sends information about installation time of the application, application version, which SteamDeckTools apps are used.

Disable it

Create DisableCheckForUpdates.txt file. To validate that this is working, when clicking Check for Updates or running Updater.exe the application will show This application has explicitly disabled auto-updates.